How to Wet Brush Instructional Video with Shelley Long (MP4)

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This is a "How To" Video designed to teach you step by step how to paint using the Wet Brush technique. This video does not focus on a specific project, but gives you the tools to create many projects.  Follow along with Shelley as she shows you what supplies you need, how to load your brush and how to use the technique she uses to create beautiful finished pieces.

Once you click on this to purchase you will be able to watch it here, and you will receive a link in your email to save so you can view it at your convenience.  You can watch it as many times as you like and even watch it on your tablet or mobile device so you can take it with you, and don't have to have a DVD player at your work table.  Don't be scared of streaming, it's easy, If you ever have trouble getting back to it after your purchase, just contact me.

DVD version available for $29.95 (plus shipping).

After purchase, email me and Receive a coupon for 50% off "How to Wet Brush" Downloadable PDF Technique Packet when you purchase this DVD (or Streaming version) from this website.  Step by step instructions and tips with photo illustrations.  Makes a great companion to this video! You can print it out and keep it at your work stations for quick reference when painting. 


"I have watched the wet brushing video several times and I did (do) find it helpful. You seem to be a natural teacher. The video was clear and understandable. I felt it had a lot of good info for getting started but not to much info to overwhelm a beginner like me."

                                                                                     Robyn N. (11/23/14)

I really thought it was awesome...

                                                                                          Tisa M. (12/1/14)

I bought this video and it was very informitive.. easy to follow.. like having her right in front of you. I really enjoyed this video and really looking forward to getting more. I am a person that learns thru visual. I worked on a large wood piece and found it faster than dry brushing.

                                                                                       Brenda V. (12/1/14)

Video was terrific. As stated, like having Shelley in the room with you. Cant wait to try others.

                                                                                     Michele G. (12/7/14)

Wonderful video! I enjoyed seeing how the wet brushing works.

                                                                                          Byron F. (12/7/14)

I want this!
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How to Wet Brush Instructional Video with Shelley Long (MP4)

2 ratings
I want this!